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Yes, we ship within the U.S.  Shipping costs vary depending on the item
but we can ship nearly anything from a glass float to an anchor!


NEW ARRIVALS: Watch the space below for updates when shipments come in; join our email list to receive an email when they arrive.
 (anticipated 2017 arrivals): mid-June: Bangladesh shipment: 40' container of ship salvage (lights, doors, instruments, etc)... Sept/Oct-(ish): India shipment: 40' container of architectural salvage, ship parts, etc...

April 13, 2017: India ship salvage (click here): 40' container of salvage from the ship breaking yard in India...  Anchors, ship doors, instruments, lighting, flags, liferings, oars, builder plates, keyboxes, ship wheels, etc...

March 16, 2017: Haiti shipment (click here): new handmade metal / steel oil drum FISH art and wall decor: tuna, mahi, marlin, sailfish, redfish, mermaids, turtles and sea life scenes...

March 1, 2017: Indonesian shipment (click here): new, custom hand-carved wood figureheads, tropical decor, reclaimed boatwood furniture and more...

Annual buying trip November 2016 (click here): photos from our annual buying trip to the ship breaking yards each November... We'll begin receiving the items salvaged via container around April 2017 after they've been cleaned and refurbished (watch the space above for annoucements)...

2016 (click here) Bangladesh ship salvage: 40' container of salvage from the ship breaking yard in Bangladesh including barometers, bells, blocks, flags, grates, instruments, lanterns, lights, liferings, oars, portholes, doors, steering stations, telegraphs, etc...

Flotsam & Jetsam (click here)-updated 3/30/17: Great local finds we acquire between full shipments of salvage; scroll to the bottom for the most recent posts.

-Thank you, The New York Times for the mention (section 9 - Jan. 19, 2017) 
Thank you, Texas Country Reporter for visiting Nautical Antiques!  (Episode air date 10/8/16)
-Thank you, Texas Highways magazine for the coverage (click here)
- One of our favorite videos of a ship beaching in Turkey
- Nautical Antiques as seen on the 1877 Tall Ship Elissa, 1893 USS Olympia and 1910 USS Texas

Hello and Welcome to Nautical Antiques & Decor, the premier supplier of Nautical Antiques. We are wholesalers and retailers of most everything that is nautical salvage. We carry Ship Salvage that includes Bells, Binnacles, Buoys, Compasses, Code and Courtesy Flags, Old Glass Fishing Net Floats, Liferings, Brass, Copper, and Galvanized Navigation Running Lights and Lanterns, Oars, Rope, Sextants, Engine Order Telegraphs, Ships Wheels and much more.  We carry new tropical decor as well including hand sculpted wood Figureheads.

We spend a month each year abroad searching ship breaking yards and chandleries of Asia and the Near East.

You are welcome to visit our warehouse at 2202 Mechanic in Galveston, TX. (We're just a short 40 minute drive south of Houston, Texas) Regular business hours are Monday - Saturday from 10AM - 6PM and Sunday from 11AM - 4PM.  We are closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Please feel free to call in advance to confirm hours if you're planning a visit.

If you would like to join our mailing list which informs you of special sales and when/what is coming in our next shipment, please click here and enter your email address.  You'll immediately receive an email asking to confirm your subscription; click to confirm - it's that easy!

You can also e-mail or call us if you have any questions about our inventory.

Thank you again,

Michael & Adrienne Culpepper
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2202 Ships Mechanic Row
Galveston, TX 77550

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you ship? 

Yes! We ship within the U.S. 
Shipping costs vary based on each item's unique packaged dimensions, weight and shipping destination. We package everything in-house to keep costs to customers as low as possible.

We ship items via USPS, UPS ground and LTL freight for large pieces or shipments weighing over 125 lbs.

We do not offer returns or exchanges on any items shipped.

Sorry, we do not offer shipping options outside of the U.S. We can ship to a freight forwarder of a customer's choosing but cannot insure or guarantee items shipped to a destination beyond the one we originate.

2. What condition should I expect my salvaged piece to come in?

All salvage we buy and sell is in what we call “good salvaged condition,” unless otherwise specified under that item's image.

This means that the piece was used aboard a working vessel, was removed and reconditioned before we display it at our shop. No salvaged items should be expected to be free from flaws or blemishes; in fact we think those are what gives each piece its own unique character and story. We do try to accurately describe and picture any “less than normal” instances from piece to piece.

3. Why are prices not listed on the site?

A number of reasons, really.

First, if we post prices on our website, the next time we purchase items from the ship breaking yards in India or Bangladesh - or from a custom carver in Indonesia - our costs dramatically increase and as a result, our customers' costs increase as well. With so many people around the world having access to the internet, the most basic reason is to protect our - and our customers'- prices from increasing. We all can appreciate getting the best deal possible, right?!

Second, we sell many of our items to a number of retailers around the country who, in turn, resell those items. If you're finding us directly, that's great but we still try to respect the discretion of those outlets and their advertised prices...

Last, as the availability of salvage that we hand-pick each year diminishes, sometimes we have to pay more for a really awesome batch of brass portholes, for example, and the price that we were selling a similarly sized piece for last year might be different than what we have these specific pieces priced at this year. So sometimes we get to offer our customers a similar piece for less money than it may have been priced at another time, sometimes more – it's all variable based on what salvage we source and what we have to pay for it.

Here's the good news: finding out prices is super easy. Just call (409.539.5469) or email and we'll get that information to you asap! We are usually able to respond to email inquiries within an hour during business hours and by the next business day if you email us after hours!

4. How do I buy something I see that shows “available”?

Easily! Just call (409.539.5469) the shop during business hours; we can accept MasterCard, Visa or Discover over the phone. Depending on the item, non-LTL freight orders called in before noon can usually ship out by the next business day.

Don't see a question you think we should add here?  Email us suggestions at