- Ship Bells & Foghorns -

Salvaged off cargo ships, tankers, ro-ros and a variety of other working vessels,
we hand select our bells from overseas ship breaking yards during our annual buying trips.
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*As always, please call or email for pricing and availability.

Sold pieces remain pictured to show the wide range of pieces that exist,
that we have carried, and that we continue to try to find and salvage.

Scroll down to view our selection of salvaged pneumatic ship's foghorns; you'll need an air compressor large enough to sound these but they sure are fun - and loud!

In addition, we carry salvaged pump-style foghorns, also known as "manual whistles".  These range in shape, style and price so call or email for availability.

Salvaged brass ship's bells:
Bells were used aboard ships to indicate the time and to regulate the sailors' duty watches
They are also used for safety in foggy conditions and as notification when officers and dignitaries board or leave the ship.
Bells that are available will read "available" under the photo; otherwise, that piece has been sold. 

Sam Houston 1974
very large - over 4' wide at the mouth

Russian bell 1980
appx 11" tall - 57 lbs


salvaged bell (75 lbs)

Salvaged ship's bell with mounting arm

Salvaged ship's bell "Aristaios 1975"
13" tall

John Louis 1954
 appx 12" tall

"Majestic" 1988 bell
12" tall

salvaged brass ship bell Asian origin

Gotalejon brass bell 1945

Greek bell with anchor detail
Piraeus, Greece Tsitoura Bros Co.

Kriti Champion 1987

XL brass ship's bell
appx 20" tall, 18" diameter
*salvaged from the ship Liberte
commissioned in 1980

unmarked salvaged brass ship's bell with steel arm
Kriti River 1986

 Pataliputra Bombay 1987
 stamped "Lea & Utley No 103"
appx 8 1/2" tall, 9 3/4" diam base

salvaged ship's bell ML Gosney, 1953
appx 14" tall, 14 1/3" diameter base  
history here

Piraeus, Greece shipping line brass bell
 Tsitoura Bros Co.
appx 12" t x 12" md

Maritime Baron 1982, bulk carrier IMO #8013546
appx 12 1/2" t x 12" md

A quality reproduction bell with clapper

American Senator 1990.11
 appx 11" tall x 11 3/4" md

brass bell #15 - blank w/Asian mfgr tag
 appx 10 1/4" tall x 12" md

Western Triumph 1992
before and after polishing
appx 11" t x 12" md

Sanko Stork 1984
appx 11" t x 12" md

Pantanassa Oct. 1977
appx 11 1/2" tall, 12" diam base

 brass bell - blank
appx 11" tall x 9 3/4" md

Knight Kim 1989. 7
appx 12" tall x 12" mouth diameter

brass bell - blank w/boxy waist
 appx 12 1/4" tall x 12 1/2" md

Atlantic Crown 1995.7
appx 11" t x 11 3/4" md

brass bell - blank
with arm - appx 12" tall x 12" md

brass bell blank w/4 bead lines
appx 10" t x 12" md
Esso Richmond salvaged brass ship bell 1940
Esso Richmond 1940
 appx 12" tall x 14 1/2" wide

detail of Esso Richmond 1940

detail of Esso Richmond 1940
The Esso Richmond was a tanker commissioned
 by the U.S. Navy. It was renamed the Kaskaskia
during its service and was said to have fueled
ships in WW2, Korea and during the Cuban crisis

Maersk Poplar
appx 11" t x 12" md
*we intentionally did not have this piece polished
since the name was not engraved into the bell
and we didn't want that to be lost;
original patina remains

Pittsburg 1990.1
appx 10.5" t x 12" md

brass bell #12 - blank
w/ 3 bead lines appx 11" tall x 12" md

Ville De Libra 1994.6
 appx 11 1/4" tall x 11 3/4" md
newly cast, solid brass bell arms
NEWLY cast solid brass bell arms; because most of our salvaged bells come to us without hanging hardware,
we've had some sturdy new solid brass arms cast; they're available in "large" (left) and "small" (right). 
Bring your bell in to ensure the best fit!

"Large" new brass bell arm
appx dimensions from mounting plate
to center pin 15 3/4", crown width 1"
8 available

"Small" new brass bell arm
appx dimensions from mounting plate
 to center pin 8", crown width 5/8"
ship foghorns - pneumatic
please call or email for pricing and availability info

foghorns that are available will read "available" under the photo; otherwise, that piece has been sold. 

salvaged pneumatic brass ship's foghorn (20" length)

salvaged pneumatic Triton brass Dutch ship foghorn (24" length)

salvaged 24 1/2" pneumatic brass foghorn

11 1/2" aluminum pneumatic foghorn by Martin Signal

14 1/2" salvaged aluminum pneumatic foghorn
by Ibuki Air Horn (Osaka Japan)
Serial No 94-A, date April 1994, type 100 UL

15 1/2" pneumatic foghorn
body rust, denting and thread damage; SALE!

15 1/2" (longest measurement) aluminum foghorn by
Minimax Societa Genova

16" pneumatic "Air Horn" foghorn
by Kahlenberg Bros. Co., Two Rivers, Wisconsin USA
Model No S-0A, Serial No 24506 *great, loud sound

17 1/2" pneumatic foghorn

17 1/2" pneumatic  foghorn

18" pneumatic foghorn #1

18" pneumatic foghorn #2

18" pneumatic foghorn #3*
*sale: moderate superficial horn damage
(dents and welds) available

36" total length, 29" horn length pneumatic foghorn

pneumatic foghorn - mfgr tag reads "Approved by the
Norwegian Maritime Directorate"
appx 48" long, bell 23" across

Huge aluminum pneumatic ship's foghorn
appx 73" long, bell 33 1/2" across - available

brass pneumatic foghorn by Triton - appx 24"

pneumatic foghorn #1 - brass
appx 14" total length, 6 1/4" bell diameter

pneumatic foghorn #2 (right) - brass
appx 14" total length, 6 1/4" bell diameter

Siren horn with light - mfgr tag reads
"Shanghai Shipyard" appx 17 1/2" tall

electric brass stainless steel & brass bell#1/10

tiny electric stainless steel bell #1/10

electric brass ship's alarm bell
ship foghorns - manual pump style
(aka "manual whistles")
available in style "A" (triangular base, slender canister body, usually the loudest sounding)
or style "B" (squared off base, larger canister body)

*please call or email for pricing and availability info

manual pump style foghorn - style "A"
(triangular base, slender canister body, nice, loud deep sound)

Salvaged Pump foghorns
left: style "B", right: style "A"  

manual pump foghorns: style "B" (left) and "A" (right)
style "B" has a squared off base and a large canister body;
these range in sound with the best having a strong tone
not as deep and loud as style "A" but strong nonetheless

ship foghorns - manual crank style

Japanese boxed foghorn (sounds similar to an air raid or tornado warning siren) by the Tokyo Siren Co, Ltd.
appx 19" length x 10 1/2" width x 12 1/2" height;
custom fit in a self contained box - sold out

Norwegian Pattern Rotary Foghorn
sold out

Norwegian Pattern foghorn
sold out
ship's "Jingle and Bells"
Engine Room communication bells
*these are pretty rare to find and we've only come across a handfull over the years. 

above: how a "Jingle and Bells" was positioned and used onboard a 1950s era tug
"Jingle and bells" Engine room communication bells by Henschel Corporation of Amesbury, Mass. appx 18" diam bell, 22 1/2" width display board
(bell is steel painted to resemble brass)

Above is the piece pictured to the left as salvaged, before mounting for display

"Jingle and bells" engine room communication bells - brass
(display board appx 22" x 24")

"Jingle and Bells" brass engine room commuication bells by
Chas. Cory & Son 286 Spring St. NY.
(appx 16" x 12" overall) available

early Engine Room Signalling Bell system - sold
Steam Whistles

left: brass and copper steam whistle
(appx 8 1/4" long) available
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