- Ship Wheels -

Salvaged ship's wheels (helms) are becoming increasingly harder to find. 
Over the years we've been salvaging ship parts, we've carried hundreds of wheels but the supply is very quickly running out.

We only carry salvaged wheels, no reproductions.
  Please call or email for pricing and availability...

We also carry salvaged original steering stations, wheels attached to a gear stand or pedestal.
*Check the HOMEPAGE for the most recent links of new shipments;
items on this page that are available will read "available" under the picture;
otherwise, that piece has been sold.

Sold pieces remain pictured to show the wide range of ship wheels that exist, that we have carried, and that we continue to try to salvage.


various sized salvaged wheels -
back when the supply was abundant

 salvaged brass ship wheel
wheel with wood handles on aluminum gear box; rudder angle indicator is functional
 appx 23" diameter, 18 lbs available

small salvaged wood ship's wheel w/brass hub
appx 19" diameter - available

small salvaged wood ship's wheel w/brass
hub and banding (orange) appx 18" diameter

salvaged tiny ship's wheel on gears
appx 10" diameter, 10" total depth
huge 81" diameter riverboat wheel -
early 1900s - brass face plating
front and back.  sold

 XL Riverboat/Steamship wheel  by
Heinrich Velmer Sohne, Duisburg
66" diameter, mahogany and maple

salvaged ship wheel - wood with brass hub
10 spoke, appx 60" diameter sold

XL large 55" diameter
Riverboat wheel (sold)

10 spoke wheel, 55" diameter (sold)

beautiful salvaged 55" wood wheel - sold

 54" OD riverboat wheel - sold

early 54" diameter ship wheel - SOLD

53" diameter wheel with brass hub - sold

WWII era freighter wheel with brass hub
and inlay, 48" diameter, 57 lb - sold

45" diameter ship wheel - sold

45" salvaged ship wheel w/ iron hub &
brass banding, *handle repair - sold
42" salvaged ship's wheel with brass hub
and ring, rare folding deadhead - sold

salvaged 41 1/2" ship wheel w/ iron hub,
brass banding - sold

Salvaged 41" diameter iron ship wheel - sold

40" diameter ship wheel - sold

salvaged 40" ship wheel w/ aluminum hub &
brass banding (sold)

40" painted salvaged wood wheel (sold)

salvaged 39" ship wheel w/ iron hub - sold

salvaged aluminum ship's wheel
(*1 handle broken) 37" diam. sold

 painted salvaged 37" iron wheels - sold

salvaged 36 1/2" ship wheel
w/ brass hub & banding - sold

salvaged 36" ship's wheel
with brass hub - sold

salvaged 36" ship wheel - aluminum with
polished hub, 7 spoke - sold

salvaged 33" aluminum ship wheel w/
black handles - sold

salvaged 33" ship wheel
wood with stylized hub, 8 spoke - sold

salvaged 32 1/2" ship wheel w/ brass hub
spindle repair - sold

salvaged 32" ship w/ aluminum hub &
cap, deadhead handle - sold

salvaged iron 32" diam 6-spoke
ship's wheel - sold

gorgeous salvaged all brass ship wheel
appx 31" diameter (appx 35 lbs)  sold

salvaged 30" wood, 6 spoke ship's wheel
with hub cap - sold

salvaged 30" aluminum ship wheel w/ iron hub - sold

salvaged 29 1/2" aluminum ship wheel
(front) w/ wood handles, 6 spoke

salvaged 28 1/2" aluminum ship wheel

salvaged 28" wood ship wheel

salvaged 24 1/2" ship wheel - wood 6 spoke

salvaged 23 1/2" wood and aluminum
yacht wheel w/ control knob - sold

salvaged iron ship's wheel
appx 23" diameter - sold

salvaged 20" aluminum ship's wheel

20" diameter 6 spoke wood and brass ship
wheel "Wheeler Shipyard - Brooklyn, NY."
(click here for history of Wheeler Shipyard) sold

tiny salvaged ship wheel #8
 appx 18" diameter - sold

16" wheel (sold)

small salvaged wood ship's wheel #1-
appx 16" diameter (sold)

small salvaged wood ship's wheel #2 -
appx 16" diameter - sold

small salvaged wood ship's wheel w/brass hub
appx 16" diameter - sold
- Steering / Helm Stations -
entire ship wheel and pedestal unit

Double wheel helm station -
Polish manufacturer, aluminum pedestal
wheel diameter 34", pedestal height 36", total height 51"
(tag reads: "Hydroster - Zaklady Urzadzen Okretowvch -
Gdansk - Ompa Tlokowa.... Made in Poland. 
Build Year 1976"

salvaged aluminum steering station by SPERRY
appx 46" diameter wheel, overall height 55"
w/ functional rudder angle indicator
 brass hydraulic steering station by
Brown Bros & Co, Ltd - Edinburgh. 
wheel appx 34" diam, pedestal height appx 42"
Dated March 11, 1959.  Serial #5865 available

salvaged Sperry Gyro Pilot / Hand Electric
Steering station aka "Metal Mike"
serial No. C-30363. overall height appx 53"
pedestal height appx 39", wheel diam 17" - available

Tugboat steering station salvaged from the
John Arthur: appx 35" tall, wheel is salvaged
but not original to this pedestal

Typical Steering Station with iron gears & frame - sold

brass pedestal Hydraulic Steering Station with wood wheel - sold

Hastie Greenock hydraulic steering station
(pictured here without the wheel attached)
gorgeous Brown Bros & Son Ltd steering station
with metered hydraulic stand Serial # 5931,
Edinburgh Scotland - dated 1958

Dake Engine Co. Grand Haven, Michigan
brass steering station, serial #81495 (c 1942)

Dake Engine Co. Grand Haven, Michigan
Brass Steering Station. Serial #76827 (c. 1940)

"Telemoteur" Steering Station with original wheel,
made in Marseilles. dated 9.6.52

salvaged steering station with brass
and iron gear station - 34" diameter wheel

salvaged steering station with iron gear stand
and 42" diameter wheel

Salvaged aluminum and brass pedestal steering station
with wood and brass 42" wheel;
by Spanish manufacturer "Servomotor Hidraulico"
Hydraulic Actuator - sold

Steering /Helm station with 53" diameter helm -
10 spoke wheel, 43" tall base is not original

USN steering station by Sperry Piedmont Co.
Div of Sperry Rand Corp.
Charlottesville, VA - appx 55" tall sold

salvaged U.S. Navy brass steering station by
pedestal appx 35" tall, wheel diameter apx 30",
overall height appx 45 1/2" tall - sold
small steering station; slender brass and aluminum base
with 24" diameter wood wheel and control knob
pedestal height 37", total height 44"
back side embossed "R2322",
serial #165/12871 - sold

salvaged, stripped aluminum and stainless steel
yacht helmstation by Yacht Specialties Co.
total height 47", wheel diameter 28"  - sold
WWII-era brass steering station pedestal (no wheel)
(non original, but functional rudder angle indicator)
likely US Navy; base flange stamped D8150,
body stamped E-101178-2
appx 41" tall, shaft 1 1/8" diameter - sold
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