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Ship Salvage:

anchors: metal devices used to keep a boat or ship rom drifting due to wind or water currents.
 propellers: fan shaped device that converts rotational motion into thrust, propelling a craft through water; also known as a "screw"
capstan: revolving cylinder used for winding a rope or cable, powerd manually by pushing levers around a vertical axis
bollard: stout post mounted to the deck or dock, to which a ship's line is tied

 Available pieces will read "available" under the photo; otherwise, they have been sold.
Sold pieces remain pictured to show the diverse types and styles of anchors or props we have carried in the past.



"small" fluked kedge yachtsman anchor
w/ stock (crossbar): 232 lbs
shank length 58", shackle 5", stock
(crossbar) 68", fluke to fluke measurement 38"


"medium" fluked kedge yachtsman anchor
w/ stock (crossbar): 263 lbs
shank length 60", shackle 5", stock
(crossbar) 57", fluke to fluke measurement 36"


"large" fluked kedge yachtsman anchor
w/ stock (crossbar): 622 lbs
shank length 70", shackle 6", stock
(crossbar) 80", fluke to fluke measurement 53"


salvaged fluked kedge (aka "Yachtsman") anchors
appx 2 1/2' shank length

recast (new production) 2 1/2' fluked kedge
 yachtsman anchors; recreated from a mold
of the salvaged pieces

salvaged fluked kedge anchors
4'-5' tall shank

56" kedge yachtsman's anchor w/slightly bent fluke
2 other similar available (50" - 60")

mid 1800s kedge anchor recovered
from the Gulf of Mexico

small grapnel anchor

Salvaged fluked kedge yachtsman anchor with
stock (cross beam) - appx 51" x 32" shank
(1800s or earlier) 

25 lb navy (aka "stockless") anchor
by Wilcox & Crittenden & Co.
appx 19" shank

salvaged fluked kedge yachtsman anchor with stock (cross bar) appx 49" long shank x 33" wide

fluked anchor, no stock (crossbar) - attached piece is an old galvanized buoy light which was welded onto the shackle, shank length 75", shackle 14", width 58", fluke measurements appx 12 3/4" side x 18" long, lgst shank diam 5 1/2"

fluked kedge yachtsman anchor with stock
(crossbar): shank length 85", shackle/ring 12",
stock (crossbar) 97", fluke measurements 16" wide
x 21" long, lgst shank diam 5 1/4"

Canvas and rope Lifeboat Anchor - 7' long overall, canvas portion 40" - 3 available

36" salvaged kedge yachtsman anchor

 painted iron kedge yachtsman anchor
appx 34 1/2" shank - not including ring
45" stock, 29" width at flukes

anchor chain
this piece just over 12' long
total weight 105 lbs, 36 - 6 1/4" links

anchor chain appx 6 7/8" links
*we can cut the length you need

anchor chain appx 6" links

anchor chain
this piece 31.5', 97 links (each link 6 1/4")

Chain length details
(for 6 1/4" links pictured left):

1 individual link is 6 1/4" long; 
in sequence including the overlap, each link is actually only 4" long - for example, to get a 12'  total length of this chain, you'd need 36 links.

anchor chain appx 7" links
*we can cut the length you need
  Propellers / Screws  

salvaged brass propellers: 7" diam, 8" diam & 9" diam

19" diameter (20 lbs) solid brass polished propeller

20" diameter brass propeller with brass bracket, length 22", depth 24"

28" diameter (86 lbs) solid brass propeller, 8" deep, stamped with "Faster D.29P.31 RH.EAR.'09.No 9594"

brass propeller - appx 21" diameter

19 1/2" painted brass propeller (shaft 4 1/2")

10" brass propeller

9 1/2" brass 3 blade propeller and
10 1/2" brass 2 blade propeller

9" brass 3 blade propeller

Capstans / Bollards  

capstan - appx 36" tall, 21 1/2" diameter base
16" diameter top, weight appx 315 lbs

detail pic of capstan to left