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Ship Salvage:

We travel to the world's largest ship breaking yards a month out of each year, hand picking interesting and unique pieces that have been salvaged from various vessels.

Many of these items are one-of-a-kind and we may not discover another, so jump on it when it says "available" under the picture - otherwise, someone else already has!

*As always, please call or email for pricing and availability.  Sold pieces remain pictured to show the variety of pieces we have carried in the past and what we continue to search for during salvage buying trips.



Ship furniture
*Items not sold will read "available" under the picture; otherwise, they have been sold.

salvaged ship's safe (appx 400 lbs) -
Yes, it came with the key!

wall-hung storage from M/V President Adams   

salvaged "Helicopter Gear" storage bin

salvaged metal lifeboat first aid small cargo box

salvaged ship's "Fire Hydrant" hose boxes (no back)
1 available

salvaged ship's Fire Hose Box

  tiny crew writing desk

  tiny crew writing desk

  tiny crew writing desk

salvaged wood/leather chairs from the "Habib", Cyrpus
 registered passenger ro/ro ship

salvaged butcher block table from Danish
ship's galley: appx  16" x 16" x 34" 

salvaged control panel from a vintage 1953 Chris Craft
antique money box (check out the coin slot on the right side)
with brass front lock; appx 14" x 9" x 9"

metal deckhand bugles / bullhorns
small appx 21" tall, large appx 32" tall

(similar to one pictured in Clyde Shipbuilding from old photographs)
refinished salvaged stowable enamel over cast iron boat sink
by Wilco, appx 12" diam bowl, wall height 20"
Cowlings / Air Vents / Air Scoops
*Items not sold will read "available" under the picture; otherwise, they have been sold.

salvaged cowling - 2 available (appx 68 1/2" tall)

Air vent (aka "air scoop" or "cowling")

salvaged steel air vent / air scoop / cowl

cowl / cowling / air vent - medium sized, steel
great unique shape!
 appx 41" tall, 25" diam vent, 24" depth
4 available

steel cowlings - medium sized w flange
appx 49" tall, 17" diam vent,
14 1/2" depth including flange
(flange appx 15" from base)

XL steel cowling
appx 9' tall, vent 4'x6', 48" deep
1 available

steel cowling w/front screen, appx 135 lbs
appx 59" tall, 25" diam vent, 20" depth

13 1/2" stainless (?) tiny air vent / air scoop / cowling

2 Chris Craft *halved air vent / air scoop / cowls (appx 19" long)

tiny salvaged copper cowling 14 1/2" tall
Salvaged gears:
in steel and fibercarbon material
*Items not sold will read "available" under the picture; otherwise, they have been sold.

salvaged fibercarbon gears 10-12" diameters

Various sized salvaged iron gears - 3" to 9" diameters

salvaged fiber carbon /carbon fiber gears
various sizes, appx 9" - 12" diameter
Architectural/Non-nautical Salvage:
didn't come off a ship, but are vintage and cool nonetheless...
Items that are available will read "available" under the photo; otherwise it has been sold.
As always, feel free to call or email for pricing.

salvaged cast iron ice shaver: this piece is approximately
25" tall with a 12" square base, the wheel turns and
gears engage and turn.  4 (each unique) available

50s style wood cabinet w/glass front
appx 26" x 13" x 40"
1 available

primitive wood cabinet w/screen front
appx 24" x 16" x 36" t

vintage wood tobacco cutter
appx 36" x 39" tall x 10" wide
1 available

vintage wood tobacco cutter #2
appx 31" x 25 1/2" tall x 14" wide

vintage wood tobacco cutter #3
appx 35" x 42" tall x 13" wide
1 available
old teak root grinding wheel #1
appx 28" diameter

old teak root grinding base #2
appx 28" diameter

primitive wood bowl
appx 22 1/2" widest width incl. handles x 15 1/2" x 5" deep
1 available

teak root bowl - Small: appx 20" diameter

teak root bowl - LG appx 28" diameter

salvaged architectural frieze; animal motif
elephant, ram, lion, lotus, etc...
appx 61" x 11" x 1" thick
1 available

salvaged architectural frieze; temple/boat/fruit motif
appx 61" x 11" x 1" thick

salvaged architectural frieze; vine & tassel motif
appx 66" x 7 1/2" x 2" thick

salvaged architectural frieze; flower & vine motif
appx 73" (detail 53" wide) x 5 1/2" x  1/34" thick - 409.539.5469 - - 2202 Mechanic, Galveston, TX 77550 - Closed Tues & Wed