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Ship Salvage:

salvaged oceangoing vessel dinnerware (cups, plates, saucers, bowls) bearing each line’s unique House Flag emblem
**We hand pick crockery during our annual buying trips, so these batches only come in every other shipment (14-18 months apart).   During our most recent buying trip in November, we had a very difficult time finding crockery so the end is near!

*Items not sold will read "available" under the picture; as always, please call or email for pricing and availability.  Sold pieces remain pictured to show the variety of pieces we have carried in the past and what we continue to search for during salvage buying trips.


Anek Lines: Greek Shipping Company founded in
1967 by shareholders from Crete, specializing in
passenger ferries mainly on the Piraeus-Crete and
Adriatic Sea Lines
sold out
Crockery not pictured:
Aksay Shipping
(Turkish Managment and ship operating company
founded in 1973)
sold out
Crockery not pictured:
(sold out)

(top right): Chandris Lines (aka "Celebrity Cruises")
Greek shipping company founded in 1988 with
the signature "X" representing the Greek letter "chi"
for the founding family's name...
sold out

Cie. Tunisienne de Navigation S.A. (Tunisia)
sold out

Colonial Steamships Line (Mautitian)
sold out

Commodore Cruise Line (USA)
Millennium Cruise 2000
6 dinner plates (10 1/2") available

Crockery not pictured:
Costamare Shipping
(sold out)

Crown Cruise Line (USA)
plates by "Figgjo Norway"
32 small bread plates (6") available

d'Amico International Shipping:
Italian Maritime Transport company founded in 1952
sold out

Deiulemar Compagnia di navigazione S.pA
(Torre Del Greco, Italy)
sold out

Eletson (Greece)
3 plates (9"), 6 bowls (9")

ESL Line; 1-3 1/2" butter plate available

Evergreen Line (United Kingdom)
1 XL (10") bowl, 8 XL (14 1/2") round platters, 8 large (12") platters, 7 lg (14" w) oval platters, 2 med (12" w) platters

F.Laeisz Line (Germany)
plates by "Thomas Germany"
3 oval medium RED logo platters

Fafalios Shipping S.A. Line (Greek)
plates "Made in England"/"Bristol, England"
21 dinner plates (9 1/2" ), 54 bowls (8 1/2") available

Finmare Line (Italy) - Finmare blue and Finmare
green limited availability;
2 shallow bowls (9 1/4"), 6 lg saucers (6 3/4")

Hamburg Sud Line (Germany)
formed in 1871, one of the world's largest container
shipping lines; sold out

Hansa Mare Reederi GmbH & Co.
KG Line (Germany)
3 bowls (9") available

Crockery not pictured:
Helge Myhre
sold out

IN Line
sold out

Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi Line KGJS (Norway)
plates by "Figgjo Norway"
18 dinner plates (10 1/2"), 26 med plates (9 1/4"),
4 bowls (8") available

Maersk-Sealand Line (Denmark)
Danish company founded in 1928; considered the
largest container shipping company in the world
5 small saucers available
Max Claussen Line (Germany)
sold out

MSC coffee cups and dinner plates
(Mediterranean Shipping Co, Geneva Switzerland)

60 dinner plates (10"), 46 bowls (9"), 16 (8 1/4") bread
plates available

National Shipping Co. of Saudi Arabia
founded in 1979, headquartered in capiral city
of Riyadh; sold out

Nederlandsche Lloyd (Dutch)   
20 small dinner plates (9"), 15 smaller dinner
plates (8 3/8"), 3 small saucers available
  Crockery not pictured:
Neptune Ltd (Russian surveying &
ship chandler services)
sold out
plates by "LuBiana Poland"
Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft GmbH &
Co, K.G., Buxtehude (NSB; Germany)
-NSB Shipping founded in 1982
42 dinner plates (10") available

 Norna Shipping Corp, SAE (Egypt)
14 dinner plates available

NYK Line (Japan)
5 small plates (7 1/2"), 5 medium
 plates (9 1/2")
*edges more than moderately worn on
both sizes  available

Odfjell shipping *orange (Norway)
-founded in 1916, operated parcel tankers; trademark
orange vessels, likely salvaged from vessel Taranger
(built 1969), renamed Star Taranger, Star Najd,
Star Orpheus, Star Luzon, San Juan Victory,
Med Carrara
, scrapped 1994; 9 bread plates available

Odfjell shipping *blue (Norway)
sold out

Olympic Cruises creamers
-founded 1995, folded 2004; sold out

Oscar-Yankee-Romeo glass mugs
sold out

Ostasiatiske Kompagni Line (Danish)
sold out

 PAN Ocean Shipping Co Ltd (POSC) (South Korea)
-founded 1966 in Seoul, originally called PAN Ocean
Bulk Carriers Ltd; sold out

"P flag" by Bauscher Welden/Bavaria Germany
sold out
Crockery not pictured:
PT Djakarta Lloyd (Jakarta, Indonesia)
sold out

P.T. Perusahaan Pelayaran Samudera (Indonesia)
aka "Karana Lines"; sold out

PolFerries Line sugar bowls (Poland)
-ferry operators between Poland, Sweden
and Denmark; sold out

PMH (Poland)
sold out

R SSM Line
2 saucers available

SeaFrance (France)
sold out
SCI (Shipping Corporation of India) Line
(India) sold out

Sig. Bergesen d.y ASA  (Norway)
-founded 1935, operated tanker vessels, dry bulk cargo
shipping; likely salvaged from Varanger, renamed Faith,
Faith I, Alice G, Seafriend, Akti A, Norna,
scrapped 2006 - sold out

Storli (Norway)
-parent company Odjfell Tankers, likely salvaged from
Nordanger (built 1976), renamed Bow Selene, NCC
, scrapped as Diana 2006; sold out

Stolt-Neilsen Inc, Norwegian-Bermudean
shipping and seafood company headquartered
formally in Bermuda, plates by "Lilien"

5 dinner plates (9 1/2"), 66 bowls (9 1/4"),
1 coffee mug 

STX Line (South Korea)
- bankrupted June 2013
small dinner plates available

Sudan Line (Africa)
-formed in 1962; logo features the Ibis bird, worshipped
by Nubian sailors along the Niles valley; sold out

Sun Lines (top left)
sold out

Tomazos Shipping Line, Ltd (Athens, Greece)
sold out

Torkel Alendal, Karmsund (Norway)
-founded in 1979, headquartered in Haugesund
sold out

Transmares Naviera Chilena (Chile)
-founded in 1968 specializing in bulk cargo
and containers; sold out

Unicorn Shipping Line (South Africa)
established in the 1860's; sold out

salvaged USN (U.S. Navy) officer's silver soldered serving bowl
WWII era.  appx 10" w x 4 1/2" t
Serial #3610 by Reed & Barton (stamp on bottom)

salvaged USN (U.S. Navy) officer's silver soldered bread
basket - WWII era.  appx 12" x 6"
Serial #2900 by Reed & Barton (USN stamp on back)

salvaged USN (U.S. Navy) officer's silver soldered gravy boat
WWII era.  appx 8" l x 5" w x 5 1/2" t
Serial #01190 by International Silver Co
 (USN monogram and anchor logo on lid)
1 available

United Arab Shipping Company (UAE)
sold out
Crockery not pictured:
Wan Hai Lines
sold out

Westfal Larsen (Norway)
-founded in 1905; likely salvaged from Porsanger (built 1976),
 renamed Bow Saturn, NCC Jouf, scrapped as Atria 2006.
sold out

Westwind Africa Line Ltd (bottom left), (Greece)
-headquartered in Piraeus; sold out

Wilhelmsen Lines (Norway)
sold out

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation (Taiwan)
- founded 1972 with historical links to the China Merchants
Steam Navigation Company which dates back to the
Qing Dynasty (1872-1995); sold out

unidentified line
sold out
unidentified line..
15 shallow bowls available

unidentified line
sold out

unidentified line:
16" platters  & 11" bowls; rare to find pieces this
large and in great condition; sold out  

 various salvaged shipping line ashtrays:
MavrikosImports, Piraeus Greece
sold out

Master/2nd Officer mugs; sold out - 409.539.5469 - - 2202 Mechanic, Galveston, TX 77550 - Closed Tues & Wed