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Ship Salvage:

Gone are the days when we brought in 3 or 4 hard hat diving helmets in from overseas. 
 They have become very difficult to source and when we find one, it sells asap.

Occasionally we receive dive equipment from private collections here in the U.S.;
see below and remember if it is available, you'll see "available" under the picture;
 otherwise, it has been sold. Please call or email for pricing/availability.

Sold items will remain pictured to give an idea of the range of styles and types of pieces we have carried previously
and what we continue to search for during our salvage buying trips.



vintage Chinese dive helmet

salvaged Japanese origin
dive helmet; appx 17" tall, 16" deep, 35 lbs

early American dive helmet

U.S. Navy Diving Helmet and complete suit, tool, stand ensemble: Mark V
by A.J. Morse & Son Inc.
Boston, Mass. No. 2425
Date 3-17-1918

American (possibly Mark V) dive suit with weight belt

vintage Jack Browne lightweight dive suit
with weight belt by Morse Diving Equip Co Inc
of Boston - Mass, weighted boots,
mask and knife available

US Navy dive suit, size 3

1 pair USN chafing pants

dive accessories:
"divers tenders"

stock No G37- G - 2170
Mfgd. The Seamless Rubber Company
contract No N383-155s-51968
Morse Diving Equipment Company, Inc.

Nermrod by Seamless - full scuba suit, appx 7' long
circa 1950's - 1960's suit
with Sea Hunter U.S. Divers Co spear gun and knife
mask by Aqua Lung U.S. Divers Co.
fins by "aquamaster" U.S. Divers Co.

weighted dive belt

salvaged weighted dive belt 

dive boots weighted  
    Russian brass-weighted diving boots 

lightweight Navy dive boots by Desco


weighted Navy dive boots by Morse

vintage dive mask

vintage dive mask

superlight dive mask

Salvaged hand-operated shallow hard hat diver manual air pumps.  These pieces feature two reciprocating cylinders and a rocker arm which, when pumped, forced air up through a non-return valve and into the diver's helmet.
(2 available)

manual air pump by The Bishop & Babcock
Co. Cleveland O. (appx 49" tall, base 12 1/2" x 7"
not including wood) available

salvaged brass placard:
U.S. Navy Standard Diving Pump Mark III
Manufactured by Morse Diving Equip. Co., Inc.
Boston, Mass. USA (date is blank)
appx 6" x 4 1/4"


dive accessories:
Mark V: 3 valve hose fitting / crows foot

dive accessories:
 hose w/ fitting (communication cable)

dive accessories:
early Mark V: hose with fitting

dive accessories:
bolt key by Desco (sold)
wrench by Champion Brass Los Angeles Calif.

salvaged Mark V dive tools (not marked)
tool set - chisel, wrench and hammer
appx 9-10 1/2" long - 1 set of 3 available

USN - Rockwood Waterfog hose nozzle
"Not for electrical Fire / Open - Fog - Shut"
appx 10" long, 11 1/2" including handle
available - 409.539.5469 - - 2202 Mechanic, Galveston, TX 77550