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Ship Salvage:

Cleats, door pulls, belaying pins, electrical switches, oar lock hooks,
bollards, speaking tubes, cannons (and other weaponry) and boat models at the bottom...

*Please call or email for pricing and availability; note that items that do not read "available" under the photo have been sold.

Sold pieces remain pictured to show the wide range of pieces that exist,
that we have carried, and that we continue to try to find and salvage.



Items that do not read "available" under the photo have been sold. Call or email for pricing/availability.

12" iron cleat
13" steel bit
5 1/2" brass bow fairlead

mooring bollards - 3 pieces (1 appx 5" tall, 2 @ 5 3/4" tall)
 - 1 available at 5 3/4" tall (top right)

brass Chris Craft bow chock (appx 10 1/2" x 6 1/2")

salvaged brass ship's electrical switch
appx 4" x 4"
this one available #1

salvaged brass ship's electrical switch
"Made in Germany" appx 4" x 4"
this one available #2

salvaged brass ship's electrical switch
appx 4" x 4"
this one available #3

salvaged brass double electrical receptacle; angled/
inverted mounting style for water shed
appx 6" x 3" not including side port
5 available

rear view double receptacle pictured left

newly made wood FIDS 13 1/2" long and 18" long

newly cast solid brass cleats:
available sizes 4" length available, 8" length available,
10" length available and 14" (sold out)

8" length - new brass cleat - available

  new cast solid brass 10" cleats:

4" new brass cleats - 2 hole style available

4" new brass cleats - 4 hole style

Newly made belaying pins appx 13 1/2" long -available
above right: new hand carved wood fids - 13 1/2" and 17 1/2" long - available



our custom design: solid brass oar lock wall mount hooks - great way to display your lifeboat oar or just use them for towels!appx 6 1/2" long

new solid brass desk bollard: 6 1/2" long and appx 4" tall; great as a hook, paperweight, curtain tie-back, etc.

new solid brass desk anchors, appx 6 1/2" long - available

salvaged speaking tubes - used to comunicate between decks onboard ships left to right:
tube A 74" tall
tube B 45" tall
tube "C" (48" long w/bracket) - available

speaking tube D (90 degree angle;  41" total height)
E ("bow" shape 60" height)
F (57" tall, small mouthpiece, bracket)

salvaged brass speaking tube "G" - appx 42"

salvaged brass speaking tube "H" - appx 50"

salvaged brass speaking tube "I" appx 48"
*piece to left with straight tube and right jog at botom
salvaged vintage Chris Craft boat logo

vintage Flying Scott engine hood / cover (appx 29" x 13" x 12" tall) - available

detail photo of engine cover shown left

vintage Flying Scott logos - aluminum (appx 20 1/2" length) top and bottom pieces available

rare - old wood cleat pattern no 1556, Patt name: 24" deck cleats, Ship: si?fr scous

manual air pump by Perko-Perkins Marine Lamp Corp - Brooklyn New York.  (appx 23" tall)

23" Pyrene brand Soda and Acid Fire Extinguisher - sold

23" Essanay brand Soda and Acid Fire Extinguisher, sold

new production cast aluminum sailfish French door
pulls (sold by the pair) - appx 14 1/4" long/tall

tiny bronze sea turtles (sm appx 4 1/2" long, lg appx 5 1/2" long)

New producton bronze door pulls:
large gecko: 7 1/2" long
small starfish with dots: 2" wide
large starfish with dots: 3" wide
small gecko: 4 1/2" long

New prouction bronze pulls:
sea turtle: 1 1/2" wide
fish: 2 1/2" wide
  plain starfish:  2 1/4" wide

new production brass lock and key sets: left set "N. & W RYCo." appx 3 1/2" tall, right set blank appx 2 5/8" tall - available

USN - Rockwood Waterfog hose nozzle
"Not for electrical Fire / Open - Fog - Shut"
appx 10" long, 11 1/2" including handle

salvaged Mark V dive tools (not marked)
tool set - chisel, wrench and hammer
appx 9-10 1/2" long - 1 set of 3 available
...and other weaponry

salvaged Line cannon (all iron; painted - inscribed with "Heat Transfer Products Incorporated - 90 West Street, NYC)
barrel appx 28" long, base appx 26" x 12"

small salute cannon (appx 18" overall length)

salvaged tiny signal cannon barrels - appx 5-12" long
back left "A" (available), back center "B", back right "C"
front left "D", front center "E" (available), front right "F"


framed and backlit for the buccaneer in your life: 31" x 55" total display size
salvaged swords (2) and pistol (1) with decorative (non salvaged) pieces of gold
Boat Models
not frequent finds but they're all unique and intersting

Items that do not read "available" under the photo have been sold.

United States Lightship Chesapeake model (appx 19" long)

United States Lightship Huron model (appx 19" long)

United States Lightship Portsmouth model (appx 19" long)
boat model asian characters

New York Fire Department NYFD model (appx 19" long)

model - diesel tug (appx 18" long)

"Mister Jim" tugboat model (display case dimensions 40" x 13" x 26" tall): hull #492, built 1976 by Halter Marine Services of New Orleans

half hull model 

vintage Texaco toy model

model: "The Texaco Tanker New York
Fuel and Marine Marketing" with original box

ship model in case: "S. Folk"
case dimensions appx: 48" x 20" x 44" tall

USCG CG-4 4339 boat model

ship model in case: Titanic
comes with Certificate of Origin for the piece of coal which was
recovered during the 1994 Titanic Research and Recovery
Expedition, Object No 94/0036
case dimensions appx: 44" x 12" deep x 19" tall

ship model: "Constitution"

NEW sailboat on stand
large appx 25" long x 29" tall - available

Dutch Indiaman ship model w/ white hull

sail boat and sailing ship models