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Ship Salvage:

all of these trunks are salvaged and most are from the time during the British Raj when Great Britain occupied India (1850s - 1940s) - they stored passengers' personal valuables during ocean transit
These are one-of-a-kind pieces; we only get 1 or 2 in each batch of salvage every 7-9 months. 

Available pieces will read "available" under the photo; otherwise, they have been sold.
Sold pieces remain pictured to show the diverse types and styles of trunks we have carried in the past.




Salvaged steamer trunk


Salvged steamer trunk

steamer trunk


Large Green Steamer Trunk

small brown steamer trunk (appx: 31"Wx20"Dx24"H)

small blue #4 steamer trunk (appx: 32"Wx21"Dx28"H)

trunk med. blue

Large Blue: appx 46"Wx27"Dx34"H)

Large Green: appx 45"Wx25"Dx32"H

Other salvaged trunks and chests...

salvaged Russian shipping crates

small trunk

salvaged wood cargo boxes; various sizes -
Russian / Cyrillic text
 salvaged wood cargo boxes; various sizes -
Russian / Cyrillic text

detail of box pictured left

  salvaged cargo boxes have unique latching mechanisms and would make great tool, jewelry or treasure boxes

sold out

sold out