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Flotsam & Jetsam:
Individual pieces or smaller batches of stuff we find between large shipments of salvage

flotsam: floating wreckage of a ship or its cargo
jetsam: part of a ship, cargo or equipment that is thrown overboard on purpose
to lighten the weight

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Items that are available will read "available" under the photo; otherwise it has been sold.
As always, feel free to call or email for pricing.



+refinished salvaged stowable enamel over cast iron boat sink (we believe was manufactured by Wilco):
pictured in open and stowed positions (appx dimensions - bowl 12" diam, wall height 20") sold
far above right: from the book Clyde Shipbuilding from old photographs.  Introduction and commentaries by John Hume and Michael Moss;
caption with photograph states: "The two berth cabin on board the Indian Government troopship Northbrook built at Clydebank in 1906. 
Note the resemblance to a present-day sleeping car."

ride around town in one of these unique
rickshaws and you'll be sure to draw attention!
authentic Bangladesh (left) and Indonesian (right) rickshaw available

Tapa cloth from Togo - appx 6' x 5 1/2'
10/23/16: vintage bumper, canvas sails, vintage gauge
beautiful vintage rectangular fender appx 15" x 17" x 9" thick (sold)

salvaged vintage canvas sails by Alan Clarke Co. left to right: 78" x 49" x 92" and 90" x 90" x 67" available

2/17/17: just in: some great navigational, surveying instruments, aeronautical items, etc..

above left and center pics: US Army Surveying Compass M2, Serial #12748 by Brunson Instrument Co.,
Kansas City MO. (no case) - appx 3" x 2 3/4" sold
above right: US Army Air Corps aircraft instrument panel compass - appx 2 1/4" square face (sold)

Astro-Compass MKII (aka "Sun Compass) - used at the
north/south poles where magnetic compasses
are unreliable; box appx 10x5x6" tall - available

tiny box compass by Wilcox Crittenden Co.,
Middletown, CT - box appx 4 3/4" square, compass
face appx 2 3/4"

U.S. Army Ground Signal Corps Clinometer
ML-119-F Serial No. 22 by Molded
Insulation Co. - appx 10" tall - available

1895 Keuffel & Esser Co. Y-level (aka Wye Level); stamped with "Patented Oct 13 91"; all brass, Serial #2938 - box appx 13" x 5" x 8" tall - available

detail pics of Keuffel & Esser piece pictured left

Fluoretor (Uranium Test Kit) by Menlo;
box appx 13" x 7" x 5"
read about this instrument here

American manufactured DIP needle compass; front and back brass covers, 4" hanging ring, early 1800s.  available

U.S. Navy BuShips Stadimeter Mark II,
Mod. O, dated 1942 by Ajax Engineering Co.
 Chicago; box appx 12 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 6 1/2"

USN Bu Ships - Telescopic Alidade, MK III 1943
Kollmorgen Optical Corporation, Serial #9353
box appx 14" x 15" x 6 1/2" - available

Keuffel & Esser Co. Surveyor's Transit
No. Y5136F, Serial 88953.
box appx 7" x 10 1/2" x 13 1/2"

Bubble type Sextant - US Navy by Bendix Aviation Corporation, Model AN-5851-1, Serial # 6187, box appx 11" x 10 1/2" x 10"

lifeboat binnacle compass - Japanese manufacturer
pre-WWII era, phenolic case, rear view port,
side light housing - appx 13 1/2" tall including
handle - available

Astro Compass MK II; interior stamp "Examined 1949" - made WWII era:
appx 10 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 6 1/2" available

Surveyor's transit by Keuffel and Esser
Serial #3483, original box appx 10" x 8" x 14 1/2"
3/10/17: Just in: authentic, salvaged Maine lobster traps!   3/30/17: Just in: new production 22" barrel cannon
above left: 8 lobster traps available; appx 35" x 27" x 18" tall *each one is unique and sizes vary!
above right 3 images: new production decorative cannon on carriage: appx 21" x 14" x 15" tall, 22" long barrel (sold)
6/11/17: just in: various items off US ships, broken up here in the USA; placards are under 13" wide;
These are tiny/small pieces, perfect for over a door, cabinet or locker...

various salvaged keys from the USNS Flint
(US Navy ammunition ship built at Ingalls (MS),
decommissioned 1995, transferred to Military
Sealift Command) 1 plastic fob per chain
email for availability

"When siren sounds - vacate at once. 
Carbon Dioxide being released."
salvaged brass placard appx 13" x 2 3/4"

salvaged placard - appx 13" x7"
"Warning Personnel not to enter tank unless the spectacle line
blind is in a closed position and the tank has been certified "gas-free"
Father's Day gift for the man cave?
1 available

brass placards salvaged from U.S. vessels

salvaged from U.S. vessel:
"440v. Galley
Power Panel
Panel No. 1-138-3" - appx 5 1/2" x 2"
1 available

salvaged from U.S. vessel:
"No. C. 212614
Persons 70
Recert. 8- - 82
Hampton Roads
U.S.C.V. Insp. HCR" appx 6" x 3 1/4"
1 available

salvaged from U.S. vessel:
"Rect. Conn & SW 30 Amp 450 V 3 Ph.
Navy Dept. Bu of Ships
SYM 915
815-1197066 Rev E
Palmer Co., Saucus, Mass."
appx 2 3/8" x 1"
1 available

salvaged from U.S. vessel:
"Marine Safety Equipment Corp.
Farmingdale, N.J." appx 5 1/4" x 6 1/2"
2 available
5/15/17: Just in: salvaged 36" wood ship's wheel w/brass hub - sold
6/22/17: Just in: salvaged glass Fresnel lenses from the U.S.S. San Saba (APA-232): U.S. Navy 1954 spare parts storage
*rare find - for all those requests we get for a needle-in-a-haystack lens size, here are a few beauties fresh
out of the 1954 dated USN cargo box! 4 lenses total:  **ALL MEASUREMENTS ARE APPROXIMATE

above lenses from left to right:
1. (far left) 225 degree clear glass Fresnel lens: appx 7 3/4" outside diameter, 6 5/8" inside diameter, 7 1/2" tall 1 available
2. (center left) 360 degree clear glass Fresnel lens: appx 5 3/4" outside diameter, 4 1/2" inside diameter, 5 5/8" tall 1 available
3. (center right) 360 degree red glass Fresnel lens: appx 8" outside diameter, 6 3/4" inside diameter, 7 1/2" tall 1 available
4. (far right) 360 degree clear glass Fresnel lens: appx 8" outside diameter, 6 3/4" inside diameter, 7 1/2" tall 1 available
7/14/17: Just in: salvaged 4 dog brass porthole

salvaged brass 16 1/2" OD, 12" GD 4 dog porthole
40 lbs; sold
9/21/17: Just in...  Small batch of some salvage including a BEAUTIFUL rare 42" ship's wheel with brass ring, hub and folding deadhead,
a couple portholes, some framed artwork (not pictured as we do not offer shipping for framed artwork), etc (*still picturing items - this notice will be removed when finished)
above: 42" salvaged 8-spoke ship's wheel with brass hub and ring and folding deadhead - available

salvaged iron 32" diam 6-spoke
ship's wheel - available

salvaged brass 17" OD, 11 3/4" GD 2 dog porthole
47 lbs, *additional dog would have been for
porthole cover (cover not included) 1 available

salvaged brass 22" OD, 18" GD 3 dog porthole
46 lbs, 1 available

salvaged brass window portion only (no flange) 16" GD
27 lbs, 1 available

tiny salvaged copper cowling 14 1/2" tall
salvaged brass lantern-turned-light (converted)
"Masthead Lifeboat Lantern" dated 1952, Serial No 774
Made in Great Britain, appx 14 1/2" tall

salvaged patinated brass lantern by Perko
appx 21" tall

salvaged Port side copper running light by Perko
*red/Port side glass insert included, service date etched 16-9-76
appx 12" tall,  1 available

salvaged brass bell: 9" tall, 7 1/2" mouth
"No. 216 Namhae (South Korea)
 1 available

salvaged brass instrument by Ertel & Sohn
Munchen (Munich, Germany) - appx 5" square
1 available

salvaged binoculars: U.S. Navy Bureau of Ships (7x50)
Mark 32, dated 1943 by "Universal Camera Corp. New York, NY"
7 1/2" long, includes case
1 available

WWII Trench Art 40mm shell casing
candle holders, dated 1943
1 pair available

WWI-II Trench Art salt & pepper shakers
made from Japanese cannon primer (round)
1 pair available
salvaged brass barometer by Taylor
Rochester, N.Y. U.S.A., 5 1/4" diam face, 2 1/4" deep
Bureau of Ships, Serial #929 - dated 1940: 1 available

salvaged brass ship's clock by Citizen
back plate appx 8 1/2" diam - 1 available w/key

salvaged brass gauge by Lonergan of
Philadelphia, USA - appx 7 3/4" diam face

shaddowboxed "Sailor's Rum Cup" prize
Circa 1800 - appx 6" x 8" frame

vintage instrument panel: thermometer, barometer
and humidity gauges by Springfield: appx 16" x 7"
vintage brass 9" desk kedge anchor

vintage metal fishing float; Made in Spain
"Hercules" appx 5 1/2" diameter *RARE: has water in it!
1 available

vintage brass propeller 7 3/4" diam
1 available

vintage brass propeller 16" diam #1
1 available

vintage brass propeller 16" diam #2
1 available

vintage brass propeller 13 1/2" diam

vintage oak pulley appx 7 1/2" long (not incl rope)

vintage section: mahogany railing with brass fittings
appx 11" total length

16" vintage brass fire extinguisher by Pyrene
1 available

vintage tiny brass sheave block pulley (lignum vitae)
by Merriman Bros - appx 3 1/2" cheek, 6" overall

salvaged US Navy clinometer #1
appx 12" w: "US Navy Bu. Ships; Mark III
Mod. O, 1942 Virginia Plak Co Inc.
New York, N.Y." 1 available

salvaged US Navy clinometer #2
appx 12" w: "US Navy Bu. Ships; Mark III
Mod. O, 1942 Virginia Plak Co Inc.
New York, N.Y." 1 available

appx 51" tall iron anchor
w/bent fluke; lots of surface rust
1 available

salvaged brass Crozet Protractor
by W. & L.E. Gurley - Troy, NY. 
box/case appx 10 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 1 1/2"
1 available

salvaged USN (U.S. Navy) officer's silver soldered serving bowl
WWII era.  appx 10" w x 4 1/2" t
Serial #3610 by Reed & Barton (stamp on bottom)

salvaged USN (U.S. Navy) officer's silver soldered bread
basket - WWII era.  appx 12" x 6"
Serial #2900 by Reed & Barton (USN stamp on back)

salvaged USN (U.S. Navy) officer's silver soldered gravy boat
WWII era.  appx 8" l x 5" w x 5 1/2" t
Serial #01190 by International Silver Co
 (USN monogram and anchor logo on lid)
1 available

salvaged binoculars, "Made in Germany"
by "Hensoldt Wetzlar", Serial #701245,
8 1/2" long, no case: 1 available

US. Navy Bureau of Ships replacement dials (faces) for
Pelorus instrument by The Lionel Corporation,
New York, NY USA ; 2-10 1/8" dials in the box, case is appx 11" x 11" x 3"
1 case w/2 dials available

salvaged US Navy Mark II sextant; dated 1943
Bu. Navy; by David White Co. Wilwaukee, Wis.
 #6344 (no box); appx 12" widest width
1 available

vintage (1950s) Chris-Craft porthole mirror
appx 20 1/2" OD

salvaged porcelain EOT (face, arm and frame only; no inner
components) by Chas. Cory & Son Inc. New York
appx 17 1/2" OD face, 1 available